Since its establishment, PDV has been focusing in the field of globally distributed HFO power plants and committing ourselves to the exploitation and utilization of renewable energy, while always persisting in its high-end development course for specialization and diversification. Blessed with years of kind support and cooperation from its valued customers, PDV has grown into an international enterprise with a sound reputation and impressive brand image in this industry.

YOUR VISION, OUR MISSION – Our motto reflects that the customers’ vision is our mission. Our success could not be achieved without fulfilling the customers’ vision, the reason for which we undertake everything with a diligent and effective manner. We highly value our quality & service, customers’ trust and credit standing as our most valuable assets. As time goes by, our distinctive PDV culture, which is highly recognized by our customers, gradually takes its shape.

I constantly reflect on this question, “What is the key for a private enterprise to survive among the fierce competition and maintain its leading position?”. In my opinion, the key lies in having the leading technology, normalized management, efficient and low-cost operation, a team capable of powerful implementations, flexible personnel mechanism, diversified modes of cooperation and a distinctive corporate culture.

To establish PDV into an ever-green enterprise is our vision! I will navigate PDV down a diligent path. I firmly believe that having a strong desire, a clear goal, an executable plan combined with unremitting efforts will make our visions come true!